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Cultivation and marketing from a single source.

Producer organization and Sales company

Elbe-Obst consists of the Erzeugerorganisation (Producer organization) r.V., the Vertriebsgesellschaft (distribution company) mbH and the Fruchtverabeitung (fruit processing) mbH. Cultivation and marketing therefore come from a single source.

More about the organization

More about the organization

A qualified network of distributors

In addition to pome fruit, stone fruit and soft fruit from the Alte Land, we also market products from the convenience sector. Learn more about the cooperation.

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Fruit from the Altes Land

Apples, pears, cherries, raspberries and more

Are you interested in our product range and the special features of our varieties?

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Elbe-Obst – Home & Cultivated Land

Tradition in fruit growing

Well-kept half-timbered houses, water, dikes, winding streets and fruit trees as far as the eye can see: This is the home of the largest fruit growing region of northern Europe. On the Lower Elbe, fruit growing has a tradition that goes back several centuries.

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