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Luftaufnahme Altes Land mit Elbe und Elbe-Obst Plantagen


On the fertile soil in the glacial valley of the Elbe River for over 600 years pit fruits, stone fruits and soft fruits are grown, whereas the apple is the main product.

The fruit-growing region „Altes Land“ has spread west of Hamburg along the left side of the Elbe river valley. The estuary of the river Elbe which reaches far into the North Sea provides a maritime climatic chamber.

Marsch and Geest

On the nearly 10,500 acres of fruit growing areas in the lower Elbe growing region two very suitable soils are predominant. On the one hand, the alluvial land called marsh. It is located in the glacial valley of the Elbe River and is located at about two meters above and up to a meter below sea level. On the other hand, the loamy sand that is calledheathland. It is located at about 30 meters above sea level.

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