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Kirschen von Elbe-Obst aus dem Alten Land

Sweet cherry

Today, Naprumi and Merchant belong to the early sweet cherries. The most common varieties, Valeska, Oktavia, Viola, Regina and Karina, are harvested afterwards. They are popularly referred to as Knupper or knotted cherries because of their size, juiciness and firm flesh. Kordia, Namare and Sunburst are newer varieties. There are also numerous regional varieties.




1993 Jork (Germany), hybrid of Schneiders Späte Knorpel x Rube
6.-7. Cherry week
medium-sized to large, kidney-shaped, dark red to black, firm flesh
increasing relevance, main variety


Germany, no local variety
Collective term for all knot types from approx. the 5th cherry week
5.-8. Cherry week
large, medium stem, dark red-black, firm flesh
main variety


1991 Tchlovice (Czech Republic), random seedling, 6-7 cherry week
medium to large, heart-shaped, dark red to black
very firm flesh, good fruit quality
low to medium shattering resistance
interesting novelty


John Innes Institute (Great Britain), crossing of Merton Glory x Unknown
3. Cherry week
medium-sized, kidney-shaped, dark red to black, firm flesh
• sweet
interesting novelty


1992 Dresden-Pillnitz (Germany)
Free bloom from Grosse Schwarze Knorpel, 5. Cherry week
medium in size, roundish, black-red, firm flesh
not burst sensitive
sweet-fine tart
interesting novelty


Dresden-Pillnitz, crossing of Hedelfinger x St. Charmes
2.-3. cherry week
medium-sized knotty cherry, dark red
firm flesh, relatively burst-resistant
good taste
interesting novelty


1981 Jork (Germany)
• crossing of Schneiders Späte Knorpel x Rube, 6. Cherry week
kidney-shaped, medium-sized to large, small stone, long-stalked
dark red to black, firm, light flesh, clear juice, burst-resistant
red to dark red, tangy-sweet
irregularly ripe, unripe already tasty
• main variety, sales driver, is replanted


1981 Jork (Germany)
Crossing of Schneiders Späte Knorpel x Rube, 7.- 8 cherry week
flat-round, large, long-stalked, small stone, dark red to black
tasty, aromatic, firm flesh, suitable for storage, very burst-proof
main variety


Summerland (Canada), crossing of Van x Stella, 5. Cherry week
large fruity, broadly rounded, reddish dark red, slightly streaky
medium firm, juicy flesh, low sensitivity to space
interesting novelty


1966 Jork (Germany), crossing of Rube x Stechmanns Bunte
4. Cherry week
heart-shaped, good fruit size, dark red to black
medium firmness, sweet with good aroma
main variety, sales driver


1981 Jork (Germany)
Crossing of Schneiders Späte Knorpel x Rube, 6. -7. Cherry week
medium in size, drop-shaped, shorter stem
dark red to black, glossy, firm flesh, burst-resistant, robust
sweet-sour, very juicy
main variety, high-yielding

Production processes

Everything is organized at Elbe-Obst, starting from planning fruit plantations up to certifying, so that the retailers and finally the consumers receive the best quality apples, pears, cherries, raspberries and strawberries.

Certified Quality

In addition to internal controls of Elbe-Obst, the quality of apples, pears and pome fruit as well as soft fruit are also monitored by external inspection systems such as QS, Kosher certificate, ecological certificates or the regional window.

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