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Apfelsorte Tapaz von Elbe-Obst aus dem Alten Land


Did you know that Santana is an organic variety that originates from a cross between Elstar and Priscilla?



This variety was discovered in the Netherlands in 1978. It has been specifically bred to be resistant to apple scab, a fungus.

Various taste tests have also shown that this apple is comparatively low in allergens. It is therefore often referred to as an allergy apple.

The yellow-green to green apple has a strong red color on the sunny side. It has a sweet-sour taste.

Production processes

Everything is organized at Elbe-Obst, starting from planning fruit plantations up to certifying, so that the retailers and finally the consumers receive the best quality apples, pears, cherries, raspberries and strawberries.

Certified Quality

In addition to internal controls of Elbe-Obst, the quality of apples, pears and pome fruit as well as soft fruit are also monitored by external inspection systems such as QS, Kosher certificate, ecological certificates or the regional window.

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