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EMS - Energy Management System

The energy management system ISO 50001 is a worldwide valid standard of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It supports Elbe-Obst in developing a systematic energy management system.

The Elbe-Obst Erzeugerorganisation r. V. implemented an Energy Management System DIN EN ISO 50001-2011-12 in 2016.

Tesco Nurture

Tesco Nurture was founded in 1992. The British retailer wants to ensure that fruit and vegetables of the best possible quality are delivered to its customers. It is an exclusive, independent standard of quality that guarantees our customers that Tesco fruit and vegetables are produced in an environmentally friendly manner as well as being grown in a responsible manner. The producers as well as Elbe-Obst are independently reviewed and monitored on a regular basis in order to ensure that they continue to meet Tesco's high standards.

Tesco Nurture – Opt.1 Companies

In addition to QS-GAP certification, member farms of Elbe-Obst Erzeugerorganisation r.V. have also fulfilled the requirements of the TESCO NURTURE Standard.

New as of 2017: GlobalGAP i.V.m. Nurture V11.0

Plant protection list 2018: XLS PPPL 2018_Handelsname

Regional Window

The regional window is intended to make shopping easier for consumers. You can recognize
regional foods. On the declaration field it is indicated, where the apples are from.
The certificate, which has been in use since 2014 for regional products and is also used for the Elbe Obst apples, means in addition that the customers support agriculture in their respective regions.

Products manufactured in accordance with the Regionalfenster e.V. Guidelines.

Confirmation for the raw material:

Defined regions:
+ LOWER SAXONY (counties: Cuxhaven, Stade, Harburg)
+ SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN (Countys: Dithmarschen, Steinburg, Pinneberg)

Kosher Certifikation

The Elbe-Obst producer organization r.V has received for the fruit packaging locations the Kosher Certification from the responsible rabbi.

Our products therefore correspond in the processing, storing and transport to the kosher dietary laws.

The certificate will be valid for a period of one year.

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EC Regulation

The EC Regulation on organic production (EU legislation on organic farming) has been in place since 1991 It protects Europe-wide terms, such as "ecological", "biological", "organic" or the identical terms, if these are used in the labeling of food. They may only be used if the food has been prepared according to the requirements of the EU legislation on organic farming.

The regulation covers plant and animal, unprocessed agricultural products and processed products, which consist predominantly of vegetable or animal raw materials and are intended for human consumption and animal feed from organic farming. Beyond the EU legislation on organic farming in Germany, there are also the Organic Farming Act, which implements the provisions of the EU legislation on organic farming nationally, the Organic Labeling Law and the Bio-indicator regulations. The last two measures protect the organic label.

QS-Inspection system

The Elbe-Obst Poducer Organization r.V. is certified according to the criteria of the QS test system This testing system is an initiative of the economy for the consumer. It refers to the accompanying process controls in the entire supply chain to the end user, i.e.in multiple stages from the cultivation, the wholesale and the retail level.

QS gives the involved operations the standards for self-control and documentation system. In combination with regular testing solutions (audits) by independent institutes ensures that the statutory provisions and with the certification, further important criteria for food safety are met. Based on the reports from the neutral controls it can be identified whether certain areas still need improvement. The sorting facilities of the Elbe-Obst are certified according to QS. The farmers are certified according to QS-GAP. QS-GAP contains information about the QS system, also the recognition of the GLOBALGAP system.

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