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Elbe-Obst Apfelanbau

Producers' Organisation

The Elbe-Obst Producer Organization r.V. was established in 1968 Operation from approximately 450 fruit growers who grow in an area of about 6,000 hectares core, stone and berry fruits.

The annual fruits production rates are above an average of 180,000 t, where the apple is the most important product. Elbe-Obst thus represents the vast majority in the region.

The grouping, sorting, processing and packaging of the fruit producers takes place at 9 sorting and packaging stations in the growing area. Each station is equipped with dispositions-, cooling- and CA/ULO-storage. Stations and storages are equipped with a range of technical equipment, which are continuously updated and expanded

Bürogebäude von Elbe-Obst in Hollern-Twielenfelth

Sales Company

The Elbe-Obst Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH consists of a group of dealerships starting in 1994 and the Elbe-Obst Erzeuger Organization r. V. to meet the demand for focusing on the procurement side.

The company supplies the food retail sector, the export market, the convenience sector and the manufacturing industry. The limited liability company is listed among the customers and is responsible for quoting, invoicing, cash collection, and shipping. The shareholders have an extensive fleet.

Products from the convenience sector as well as from the area of vegetable and herbs are also marketed beyond the core, stone and berry fruit from the Alte Land. So that summarizes the major products of the green range under one roof and using the resulting synergy effects. With the summary of producer know-how and marketing expertise in the group contract provides the sales company „Cultivation and marketing under one roof“.

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